Terms and Conditions

“free business education” – a collection of materials made available by Regenesys in line with specific formal academic programmes, for free access by anyone who needs it
“designated free individuals”
“material” – any document representing content produced for and conformant with a specified programme, and available to self-tutored free business education participants
“publisher” – Regenesys Management
“sign-up” – join the free business education initiativeto start learning and accessing materials for free
“participant” – someone who has signed-up for free access to academic programme material to learning and is acquiring learning from online materials provided by Regenesys
“enrol”/ “register” – start the process of formal education for a full qualification or certified programme
“student” – a formal student holding a contractual agreement with Regenesys whether by way of a bursary or self-funding

Copyright Regenesys 2014

All rights reserved.
Copyright persists in all materials produced on this site.
No part of the material on this website may be produced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, whether electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, broadcast or otherwise, without the written permission of the publisher

Web & Internet Access
The participant warrants that he/she recognises and accepts that matters pertaining to web and internet-related access and data transmission rate are for his/her own facilitation and are in no way the responsibility of the developer

While extreme care is taken to ensure optimum quality in developing and publishing of material for free business education, no claim shall be entertained in respect of any typographical or other kind of error owing to the developers’ oversight or omission

Termination clauses
Regenesys reserves the right to change, add, edit, or remove any material at its sole discretion, whether in legislation compliance, conformance to revised curriculum, changes in accreditation terms or other reasons, or as part of organisational review

Regenesys Programmes Communication

Signing up for Free Business Education gives the participant an OPTION in whatever distant future, to upgrade to formal studies leading to a full paid-for qualification, hence Regenesys reserves the right to send participants information on full qualification programme options offered by the Regenesys group

User Integrity
While the developer requires minimal information to enable access and recognisable log-in, each participant warrants that all information he/she supplies is true and accurate and that he/she shall not abuse the free business education system in any way, including, but not limited to, creating multiple-log-on identities or online sign-on personalities

Empowerment limitation

The participant understands that free business education, although in line with formal business qualifications offered by Regenesys, is offered to empower individuals for personal and social development, and will by no means nullify or replace minimum requirements or pre-requisites for any formal qualification as stipulated by Education Authorities in any country, including required minimum qualification study duration or registered-student period.

All other standard Regenesys' Terms & Conditions apply.